Mobile Divorce Attorney

Mobile Divorce Attorney FirmAs a divorce lawyer in Mobile, Alabama, I believe that the uncontested divorce process should be easy and affordable. In other words, it should not cost an arm and leg to get an uncontested divorce. I provide inexpensive uncontested divorces for people in the Mobile and Baldwin County area of Alabama for over 10 years. In fact, I have prepared and filed hundreds of uncontested divorces.

At my firm I will try to make your uncontested divorce process as simple as possible. For example, we do not have to meet in person in order to get your uncontested divorce started. I can get the information over the phone or you can complete my divorce intake form.   Afterwards I take a check card payment for the initial fee over the phone. At that point, I draft your divorce paperwork and e-mail you a draft for your review. You call me back to review the paperwork. If everything is correct, you can give a copy of the divorce paperwork to your spouse for him or her, as the case may be, to review. If everyone agrees with the divorce paperwork, call me to schedule an appointment for everyone to signed the divorce paperwork in the presence of my notary.

The uncontested divorce centers around the divorce agreement or settlement agreement. The agreement contains the rights and obligations of the parties.  For example, the agreement contains the amount of alimony to be paid.  If you have children, the agreement covers the custody and the amount of child support to be paid. Call me, I will be happy to discuss the divorce agreement and the overall process with you.

I center my practice around the client. I try my best to work around my client’s schedule. Yes, I have taken phone calls on the weekends and after normal business hours. I have also met clients on the weekend to sign their divorce paperwork and to get their divorce process started. If you need an uncontested divorce in Mobile or Baldwin County, call me to get started today.  I offer a free phone consultation. When you call the Monk Law Firm you will get an attorney, not a secretary. Going through a divorce can be very difficult and emotionally trying.  Consequently, you should not go through this process without the benefit legal counsel.

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