Alabama Uncontested Divorce Process

Alabama Uncontested Divorce Process

The uncontested divorce process begins with me gathering all the information from my client required for me to draft the divorce paperwork to file with court. I then draft all the required divorce paperwork within 4 to 5 business days. Some of those documents include a complaint, agreement, testimony and other documents.

After I have drafted all the necessary divorce papers, I give the documents to my client to review. If my client says that everything is accurate, the divorce papers are forwarded to the spouse to review. If everyone is in agreement with the divorce paperwork, the divorce papers are signed in front of a notary and filed to the court. This is when your divorce begins. If both parties do not sign the divorce paperwork, you have to file a contested divorce in order to start the divorce process.

The court reviews the divorce documents. The documents have to be filed with the court for at least 30 days before a judge can issue a judgment of divorce. This is because Alabama has a mandatory 30 day waiting period or commonly known as the “Cooling Off Period”.

The divorce paperwork then goes from clerk’s office to the judge. The judge reviews and signs the paperwork. Once the judge signs your judgment of divorce, the decree is sent back to the clerk to be processed. A copy of the judgment of divorce is emailed to the attorney. You cannot get married to anyone else until 60 days after the judgment of divorce unless it is to your former spouse.

If you have children, you must take a transparenting class. In Baldwin County the court will not sign your divorce decree until you have taken your transparency class. In Mobile County you typically take the transparenting class after the divorce has been filed or after the divorce has been granted.

If you are in need of a Mobile divorce attorney, please give me a call to discuss your situation. I understand that problems don’t occur 9 to 5, therefore, I am available on a limited basis to take your calls on the weekend. I also have sometimes have weekend appointments.

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