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Alabama Divorce Waiting Period

At the Monk Law Firm, I have over ten years of experience preparing divorces in Alabama. I have filed hundreds of uncontested divorces. Furthermore, I offer affordable uncontested divorce or no fault divorce. You will know what you have to pay up front. As a divorce lawyer, I understand that sometimes problems don’t occur nine […]

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Alabama Common Law Marriage

A common law marriage in Alabama is just as valid as a ceremonial marriage (i.e married in a church or at the courthouse). The main factor that the judge examines to determine if there is a common law marriage is the intent of the parties. This intent can be shown through the party’s actions, words […]

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Transparenting Course | Helping Kids Cope

Parties that have filed a divorce in Mobile or Baldwin Counties have to take a transparenting course which was formally known as l “Helping Kids Cope”. Registration forms for both of the courses are offered on this page. Frequently asked questions are answered in the flyer. Call 251-650-4591 to discuss this with an attorney at […]

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Internet Divorce Kit

Internet divorce kits promise a cheaper and easier way to get a divorce in Alabama. But in my experience, most do not. For Alabama, most kits are not sufficient to get a divorce or to properly address all the rights and obligations of the parties. In the long run, the divorce kits cost more and […]

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How to Get a Divorce in Alabama

Learn how to get a divorce in Alabama. You can get an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce. Uncontested divorces are quick, easier and don’t cost as much as contested divorces. You don’t have to go to court when you file an uncontested divorce. A contested divorce is more expense, takes longer and you have […]

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