Alabama Child Support

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Alabama Child Support Guidelines

In a divorce, Alabama child support is calculated using the the income shared method.

Gross Income of Both Parties

With the income share method, the gross income of both parents are first computed.  This total family gross income is used to calculate the basic child support obligation. However, each party can subtract out from their gross income any existing child support payments and periodic alimony payments. The total monthly child support amount is determined based on the revised gross income of both spouses and the number of children.

Work Related Child Care Costs and Health Insurance Costs

Added to the basic child support obligation is work related child care costs and health insurance costs.

Percentage of Total Income

Then, the total support figure is multiplied by the percentage of the total income of both the mother and father. The non-custodial parent pays his or her percentage of the total support of the other spouse.

Payment of Child Support

Alabama child support payments can be made one of several different ways. Child support payments can be paid directly from one spouse to the other spouse. Child support payments can also be deducted out of the noncustodial parent’s check through a withholding order issued by the court.

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