Alabama Divorce Agreement

A divorce agreement is one of several documents required when filing an uncontested divorce. The divorce agreement encompasses the rights and obligations of the parties.

Types of Clauses in an Alabama Divorce Agreement


The divorce agreement sets out who is getting the assets of the marriage. If the parties own any real property like land or a house, the agreement provides who will get the property. It also sets out who will get the vehicles.


The divorce agreement also covers who is going to pay for the debts of the marriage. The agreement should also provide for who is going to pay for joint debts.

Child Custody

The agreement sets out who is going to get the custody of the minor children. It also sets out what type of custody the parties will have. The divorce agreement also provides the visitation schedule for non custodial parent.

Child Support

The divorce agreements provides how much child support will be and when it will be paid. Also the agreement also provides how the child support will be paid. For example, the child support can be paid directly to the custodial parent or taken out the the non custodial parent’s check.

Other Clauses

Name Change

The divorce agreement also sets out if the wife will revert back to her maiden name. If this clause is not in the divorce agreement, the wife will have to file a name change petition with the probate court and pay the filing fee. The probate court will schedule a hearing before granting the name change petition.

Life Insurance

Sometimes the parties want to include the requirement that the spouse paying child support also get life insurance. Usually, the children are made the beneficiaries of this life insurance policy. It is used to cover the child support that will not be paid in the event of the spouse’s death.

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