How to Get a Divorce in Alabama

Divorce today

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Steps to Get Your Divorce

Call me at the number to the right to find out how to get a divorce. Generally, there are two ways to get a divorce in Alabama. First, you can go to court to get a divorce through the process of filing a contested divorce. Second, you can avoid appearing in court and get an uncontested or no fault divorce.

Uncontested Divorce or No Fault Divorce

To get a divorce through the uncontested divorce process is fairly simply. I will get all the information need to draft the required divorce paperwork. I will email you a draft of the divorce paperwork. If everything is correct, everyone will sign in the presence of a notary. I will file the notarized paperwork with the court. You will get a copy of your divorce decree about 60 days later. Both the husband and wife have to agree on disposition of everything. The required paperwork is drafted, signed, notarized and filed with the court.

Contested divorce

With a contested divorce, the judge will make all the all the decisions pertaining the dispossession of the assets and the assignment of debts. The judge will also make the decision of child custody and child support.

Divorce Process

The process differs depending on the type of divorce filed. If you file an uncontested divorce, all the required paperwork is filed with the court. No one has to go to court. Your divorce decree should be granted approximately 60 days later. If you file a contested divorce, you will have to go to trial and the judge will make all the decisions.

Call today to learn how to get a divorce in Alabama. I will be happy to guide you through the divorce process as painlessly and as quick as possible. I offer a free telephone consultation.

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